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Choosing the Right Weight Lifting Equipment for You

When you decide to engage in a weight lifting program at the convenience of your home, it is wise and practical to identify what is the right weight lifting equipment for you. Do not just buy anything without prior planning because buying in impulse is not really recommended.. The first thing that you need to do is to identify why you want to engage in weight lifting. Do you want to lose weight or gain weight? Or is it for improving your strength and endurance? Or just […]

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Weight Lifting Is a Multi Purpose Exercise

Weight lifting in addition to developing muscle mass actually assists the human body in burning fat. For every pound of muscle you have, you will burn 35-50 calories a day. This is why you may notice that those who lift weights regularly seem to eat more, their bodies are constantly burning fat and they need to replenish the calories that are necessary to feed cells. Building muscles by lifting weights will help you passively burn calories. Lifting weights is a great way to work out, increase your […]

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The Power of Stretching

Your muscles ache from a good stretch. This is quite normal and is part of the process. Stretching has seemingly been with us and particular with athletes since the beginning of time. A very key point to good stretching is to hold the stretch for at least seventeen seconds. This is a pearl of wisdom gleaned from a ballet teacher a few years back. She said that any stretch under 17 seconds was just not effective. The 17 second rule is exceeded in the high intensity Bikram’s […]

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